What is Statement Mondays?

Hello! I’m Natalie Muenster, host and founder of Statement Mondays, a ~movement~ and a podcast in which I interview women who are bold with the goal of inspiring you to be bold as well. 

My goal is to inspire and to enable young college and post-college women to be prepared early in their careers. Wearing heels to work is a dated power trend that not every woman connects with. So in this podcast, I examine each woman’s modern “heels”, the pieces of herself that she draws strength from. In our discussions, we touch on themes of self-confidence and self-advocacy, and I hope these interviews with amazing women give my listeners examples, advice, and tools to bring more of who they are into what they do.

Where did Statement Mondays come from?

I also only recently jumped into my own career and I am constantly searching for ways to be bold and to use my quirky, analytical, creative, and energetic self to both improve my work and to stand out. I graduated from Stanford University in 2018 with a degree in Computer Science and have been working as a software engineer at Facebook since then. 

My jump to the New Product Experimentation team in 2019 inspired me to start Statement Mondays, originally a calendar invite challenging members of my team to wear something out of the norm in our jeans-and-a-tshirt office. More and more people joined every week, loving the excuse to wear an outfit that was totally them but not totally normal. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with exploring what each of us can do to bring out our best and most confident selves. So welcome to Statement Mondays, the podcast and the movement.

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