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When do you dial up the toughness and dial it back? Caroline Cuffe built up a (necessary) thick skin as an oil trader but realized she'd have to change how she approached her next and very different role of marketing planning director. In this interview she talks about how her identity of being tough came to be, and how building relationships and making other people's jobs easier has been key to her success. Ready for some crazy stories?
  1. Tough Enough: Caroline Cuffe, Oil Trader
  2. Tenacious & Fiery: Kelly Stefanowicz, VP at Morgan Stanley
  3. Pave the Way: Lindsey Boylan, Politician & Whistleblower
  4. Mind vs. Body: Noopur Chhabra, Facebook Recruiter
  5. Statement Extra: Find Your YaYa's
  6. Prove Them Wrong: Emma Kalayjian, NASA Designer
  7. Power of Perspective: Susie Kimmel, Healthcare IT Leader
  8. The No Chill Club: Tyler Lussi, Professional Soccer Player
  9. Little Spark of Madness: Paulina Ramos, Activist & Engineer
  10. Turn Nothing Down: Michelle Greenfield, Veterinary Student

Show Notes

Pave the Way: Lindsey Boylan

Lifting others up drives everything that Lindsey Boylan does. She is a New York politician (running for Manhattan Borough President!) and career urban planner, and also the first whistleblower against NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in February, 2021 for sexual harassment. In this interview, she reveals how her identity has changed (or not) after coming forward, and explains the connections she seeks with women of other generations. Lindsey strives to pave the way for future generations of women– because progress only exists because other people before you failed trying to achieve it.

My story of working with Governor Cuomo:

Tough Enough: Caroline Cuffe

I can’t wait for you all to meet today’s guest — her name is Caroline Cuffe and she is one of the coolest people I’ve met through this podcast so far… She has held jobs in a number of different industries, which she’ll talk about, the main ones being marketing, and oil trading (where she went from secretary to one of the first female traders in the UK). In this interview she talks about how her identity of being tough came to be, the attitudes that got her far in two different worlds where relationships and just knowing people are so important, and serendipity. If you stick around to the end you’ll also learn some tactics on how to make yourself more valuable in your job.

Mind Vs. Body:Noopur Chhabra

The secret to becoming a better version of yourself than you envisioned? Practice! Facebook recruiter Noopur Chhabra knew when she “brought to the table” when switching jobs, which helped her stand up for what she knew she needed from the work environment. This episode explores some thought-provoking takes on what roles your mind and your body play in shaping your identity and career.

Statement Extra: Find Your YaYa’s

Happy Statement Monday! In v2 of this new segment, Natalie does a short but intense inteview with Paula Hernández and Jackie Neumann about their journeys and as a collaboration to help spread the word about this much-need app they’re building called YaYa. Want to be in on a global community of women who all uplift and empower eachother? Visit to download!

Prove Them Wrong: Emma Kalayjian

If someone told you they didn’t think you could do something, would you sit there and agree or would you do everything in your power to prove them wrong? A few facts about our firecracker guest today, Emma Kalayjian:

  1. She is a user interface & experience designer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (UI/ UX @ NASA JPL)
  2. She’s obsessed with cars
  3. She is also on the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 List
  4. She never thought a space company would be hiring for business majors. Did you?

In this episode, we’ll learn about stigmas around hiring practices, the importance of giving space (heh) to your feminine and masculine energies, and what it means to take responsibility for your successes. Emma is currently working to make educational content on aerospace and automotive more accessible to young girls.

Follow @spicycarrot_ on Instagram to keep up with her initiative to provide educational content to young women

Forbes highlights Emma Kalayjian:


Research on Balancing your Feminine & Masculine Energies:
Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energies
Is your feminine energy blocked?

Power of Perspective: Susie Kimmel

Self-worth should not be based on work successes. Susie Kimmel, a leader at a large healthcare IT company, learned the hard way about the importance of separation between day-to-day job performance and her happiness outside of work. After discovering she had breast cancer at age 25, she quickly adopted a more balanced perspective but without giving up her identity at work. She is still outspoken, still sets a high bar in the office, she values giving and receiving feedback well, and is even called a “war helicopter” on occasion.

No Chill Club: Tyler Lussi

Professional soccer player Tyler Lussi is the definition of intense. This trait has shaped her personality and launched her career — all the way through playing at Princeton and then for the past five years on the Portland Thorns. In this episode, Tyler emphasizes the why and how of her “always on” mindset and how it paved the way for her success today, and shares what taking the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) public means to her (aka being able to buy and sell shares of it). Ready for a sneak peak into the No Chill Club?

Tyler’s intensity in action: the game winning goal she just scored this Friday night (4/9/2020) at Providence Park:

Tyler’s scholar athlete mentoring company National College Recruiting Center (NCRC):

Dick’s Sporting Goods presents Inside Moves:

Little Spark of Madness: Paulina Ramos

What happens when you decide to pursue your life mission instead of the “normal” life path? Paulina Ramos explains why she quit Uber to volunteer with the Syrian refugee crisis, and the irreversible effect it’s had on her career as well as her life in general. Intrigued? You should be because this interview is POWERFUL and you’ll come away knowing more about value-driven lifestyles, the intersect of (or separation between) work and passion, and you may even question your own existence a bit…

If you have questions or just want more information on her journey, feel free to email Paulina at!

The presentation Paulina gave for her coworkers at Uber when she returned from her sabbatical in Jordan:

Turn Nothing Down: Michelle Greenfield

Interested in more ways to learn about aquatic medicine? Check out Aquadocs, a podcast that features conversations about aquatic medicine and conservation. Tune in as host Michelle Greenfield interviews veterinarians and other animal health experts about ways they are making a difference in the aquatic medicine community.

Episodes available on your favorite podcast streaming services (Apple, Spotify, Google) and at And follow us on social media @Aquadocspodcast.

One Big Experiment: Vicki Chang

How do you know when to quit? Vicki Chang, a product manager on Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team (NPE), is always asking herself three specific questions to figure this out. She has a unique background as a chemistry PhD dropout and infuses her experimental and scientific way of thinking into both her day-to-day and her own Big Life Decisions. This was going to be the last episode in Season 1 but NOT ANYMORE! Look forward to more episodes each Monday! And today, listen it to hear why Vicki loves collaborating with people, what she’s learned from her career experimentation, and to compare an entirely different product manger personality from last week’s guest from Tesla, Kate Park.

A science paper Vicki has loved for years:
(The Method of Multiple Hypotheses basically says that the best approach to planning things is to have multiple hypotheses so that you don’t fall prey to any of the downsides of the other options it describes)
Photo from GDPR presentation at Instagram: (Vicki with Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the founders of IG)

Earn Your Respect: Kate Park

Respect in the workplace is highly sought after but not easy to earn. Kate Park is a senior product manager on Tesla’s Autopilot team (and one of my closes friends!), and through a series of stories involving Shakespeare Camp and a Tesla Executive meeting she shares what role respect has in here day-to-day… how she earns it, why she needs it and how she uses it. Her intense and technical workplace has different dynamics and requires different Statement tactics than the previous women we’ve heard from so far, so listen today for a fresh perspective!

More on Tesla Autopilot:
Your Tesla will “follow you like a pet” original Tweet + more

Statement Extra

In this new segment, Natalie poses a challenge to YOU and shares some comments she’s gotten about Statement Mondays so far. Intrigued?

Passion & Obsession: Rachel Greenwald

Celebrity matchmaker and best selling author, Rachel Greenwald, launched her impressive career with an ~adrenaline journal~ and a single Google search. In this week’s episode, Rachel explains her extremist personality and dives into the crazy story of how she became a renowned matchmaker. Throughout the interview, Natalie and Rachel also discuss burn-out culture, passion and obsession, in and outside of the workplace.

Rachel’s website

Marzamemi Capitals archaeology research paper

Marzamemi Capitals archaeology research poster

Natalie’s rockstagram: @crystal_is_my_middle_name

Open, Ready, Curious: Cynthia Grutzik

Be open, ready, curious — this is Cynthia Grutzik’s life motto, and it has served her well. Cynthia lived the first 14 years of her life in Cameroon, Africa, which has greatly shaped her understanding of the world. She is currently the Dean at San Francisco State University, and she had her first teaching job in Cameroon where she learned how to prioritize the needs of her students. Listen to hear how her unique upbringing impacts the way she approaches her job now in terms of being patient, interacting with students, and expressing gratitude.

Barsha restaurant & wine bar — Cynthia’s friend’s wine bar where she used to help out for fun!

Intentions Make You Stronger: Salma Mahmoud

Bodybuilders also wear heels… Salma Mahmoud finally took her needs and wants into her own hands once she realized she had the space and initiative to do so after college. Salma completed a rotational program at Visa while investigating what new hobby she wanted to pursue, and soon dove headfirst into data science and her newfound interest in bodybuilding. In fact, bodybuilding (and the confidence that came with goal-setting and training), has changed so much about the way Salma thinks, works, and lives. Could her coworkers tell she’s a bodybuilder? We’ll see! Join us for this week’s episode as we discuss the power of body image, personal goals, and the importance of celebrating your hard work. — the app she used to track my nutrition intake during contest prep — her contest prep team — the official website of the National Physique Committee, which is the organization she competed in

The IG post that inspired me to interview her:

Becoming a Force: Lauren Jonas

Lauren Jonas understands that confidence doesn’t often come on its own, it’s gained over time. Now a serial entrepreneur and CEO, she started two companies at a young age (out of necessity!) both focused on plus-sized women: a fashion blog called The Pear Shape, and a community platform called Part and Parcel. In this interview, we’ll hear about how she found self-confidence and success by connecting with other people who have her same unfulfilled needs, and by paying attention to how those around her perceive her (that’s how she knows she’s a force!). She currently works on Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team.

Lauren’s Plus Sized fashion blog: The Pear Shape
Lauren’s community platform: Part & Parcel article
Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech about connecting the dots looking back

Enneagram Types

Pride in Where You Came From: Karla Magaña Figueroa

You’d never guess that Karla Magaña Figueroa was previously an undocumented immigrant until she shares how much strength her background has given her throughout her life and education. She is now pursuing two degrees, an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth and an MPP from Harvard Kennedy School, and is intent on learning more about business and policy and entering the public sector. In this episode she discusses growing up undocumented in America, being a woman in finance, and receiving amazing mentorship and paying it forward.

Corporate America Has Failed Black America
Antiracist Reading Lists
Philanthropy and Black Maternal Mortality

People Are Scared of Smart Women: Nicole Mueller

Nicole Mueller is an outspoken woman who doesn’t take no for an answer, not even from herself. She is a high school English teacher in Wisconsin who is so invested in her job as an educator that she steps into an entirely different persona in the classroom in order to best challenge her students. Join in as Nicole and Natalie discuss curated identities and the paradox of being a smart woman.

Habitat For Humanity

My Clothing is My Armor: Fischer Yan

Welcome to our first ever Statement Mondays episode! We talk with Fischer Yan, who has worked on marketing for Uber and GGV Capital, and who derives much of her workplace confidence from her outfits. In this episode, learn how to be a badass well-dressed warrior, and how to find your “personal monopoly” as she reveals the personal experience that led her to start her own consulting business in LA focusing on minority- and women-led companies in e-commerce.

FISCH.ER FOUNDRY: Fischer’s new startup consulting business focusing on growth for minority- and women-led companies in e-commerce

Fischer’s post on LinkedIn after our interview, in which she talks about combining work and other parts of herself (and reveals professionally that she does aerial silks!)

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